Colina 2013 Calendar features "Jook Jook Corner"

on Friday, December 21, 2012

'Jook Jook Corner' - watercolour and ink on paper ( 2 x 3 ft)

Bahamian ‘jook jook corners’ are unique side streets that have no doubt evolved through population growth. These streets, often found in residential areas house little sub communities of people whose lives are totally intermingled. Usually most of the homes are wooden or stucco, possessing a quintessential “ole” Bahamian charm. Jook Jook corners seem timeless, almost as if they are stuck in a time warp with very little change in their landscape of people, culture or architecture. One of their most unique qualities is that the street is usually only wide enough to accommodate one vehicle at a time. Two-car passage necessitates one car easing into someone’s yard to allow the other to pass. This simple gesture sits at the core of symbolizing the essence of the ‘jook jook corner’ - unexpected harmony.

'Jook Jook Corner' is a visual narrative of a quaint neighbourhood in Nassau dating back to the early eighties where the residents' lives were totally intermingled, reflecting on a time in Bahamian history when our people truly took pride in the place we called home. 

'Jook Jook Corner' featured in May of Colina 2013 Calendar

The 2013 Colina Calendar "Celebrating 40 years of Independence and Expression", looks at the unique way we as Bahamians express ourselves. Our colourful vocabulary is replete with words, phrases and proverbs to suit every occasion. In 2013, Colina commemorates the 40th anniversary of the independence of The Bahamas, by celebrating "Bahamianese" as a key aspect of Bahamian culture.

Colina 2013 Calendar Launch & Silent Auction - December 13th 2012.

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) hosted the launch of the calendar," featuring "Jook Jook Corner" and artwork by 12 other Bahamian artists on December 13th 2012. The original pieces were available for purchase via silent auction where 'Jook Jook corner' was sold and now belongs to one of most renowned art collections in The Bahamas, 'The Dawn Davies Collection'.

"Biggety" by Heino Schmid - acrylic with dried coconut seed on canvas

Second to Chantal Bethel's 'Gussie Mae' the contemporary piece by Heino Schmid, 'Biggety' is in fact one of my favourite pieces in the calendar.  The term biggety dates back to 1880 and refers to one who is bossy and rudely self-important. The biggety nature of Heino's work comes through the juxtaposition of materials.

Keisha Oliver at Colina 2013 Calendar Launch

I am grateful to Colina and the NAGB for selecting me to be apart of this project and allowing me to visualise and share memories of my childhood that many Bahamian viewers have expressed an appreciation for thus far. This project has allowed me to discover a love for watercolours. In fact, this piece was my first attempt at watercolour painting and I look forward to developing my technique and creating a series of similar paintings.